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Touchless check-in solution for Offices

To use Safe Site Check In, employees and visitors point their smartphone at a unique QR code posted at the job site and answer coronavirus health-related questions required by local health directives — no download required. They are denied or approved access to the construction or job site and receive a daily digital entry badge. Site supervisors and human resources (HR) administrators can see the health status of all on-site employees and visitors and are immediately notified of potential health issues.

This proprietary web-based service and mobile app, available in both the Android and Apple stores, is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, such as restaurants and retailers, where reopening safely is a critical concern and additional guidance to do so is needed.

Personal health information is stored on the user’s smartphone, not by the construction company. This provides an added level of privacy while eliminating the risks and costs of HIPAA compliance and local data privacy laws.

Kyle Peacock, CEO, Peacock Construction, who provided the impetus for the creation of the app when sign-in sheets and fast-moving turnstiles were replaced by temperature checks, PPE briefings and online health surveys as the Bay Area went under lockdown in March, stated:

We’re successfully using Safe Site Check In at 43 construction sites throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We estimate 250-500 people per day use it, allowing us to do our part for employees, clients and the community to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The app has also boosted productivity, saving about two hours per site, per day, as employees safely return to work.

The construction industry represents 6.3 of the gross domestic product (GDP), generating over $1.3B annually and employing more than 11 million people in the US. Yet many construction firms have outdated and time-consuming processes for job site check-in, says the company.

These include paper-based forms and shared tablets that don’t allow for social distancing and are risky to handle and time consuming to enforce, adds the company. Enterprise suite solutions can be complex and expensive and unable to quickly address the current need for safe on-site check-ins.

Safe Site Check In is designed to be simple to deploy, with broad applicability across a variety of industries as businesses and consumers work together to ensure public health and safety while protecting private health information.

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