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3M Striding Ahead in its Mission to Protect Lives through Innovative Products and Technologies across Industries

Excerpts from the Interview with Arindam Banerjee, Divisional Sales Leader 3M
How did 3M make life better for the frontliners ?

In 2020, with the onset of COVID-19 and the threat of a global pandemic, 3M started to ramp up production of N95 respirators and other products critical for healthcare workers and emergency responders around the world. We were able to do this by drawing from years of experience responding to other global challenges. We're sharing the lessons we've learned this year on the frontlines of the pandemic including public health preparedness, stockpile strategy and management, counterfeit and fraud-fighting and the critical importance of minimizing trade barriers.

Given these efforts, we are now better equipped to meet healthcare needs while supporting the broader re-opening of the economy. 3M is helping to protect lives and support well-being through innovative products and technologies across a wide range of industries.

The pandemic proved to be a test of national preparedness plans and demonstrated how supply chains, governments, and health care systems can be stretched beyond their limits by the unexpected. We proudly partnered with governments around the world to expand N95 respirator production capacity including in North America, Europe and Asia to help these regions respond to the pandemic and build resiliency.

What is the philosophy of your company and the reason for your presence in different categories across industry segments

3M's philosophy is to innovate with purpose and use science to create real impact in every aspect of life. The company's history of innovation is legendary. 3M has 51 technology platforms which range from adhesives and abrasives to nanotechnology, metamaterials, additive manufacturing and computer vision, and the company earns 3,000 patents per year on an average.

These diverse technology platforms and our focus on the customer has powered our success in many categories and across segments. With more than 50 K products we are present in almost all industry segments including Healthcare. Industrial, Safety and Consumer.

How are your cleaning products superior to the ones already in the market ?

3M has a 'Total Facility Care' approach to cleaning centered on long term 'ownership' cost benefits to property owners.

We leverage our core capabilities in technology research and manufacturing to bring products in the market which enhance labor productivity and deliver sustainable cost benefits over long term.

In addition, we are pioneers in Non-Woven technology which includes Hand pads and Floor Pads. These cleaning pads are better performing due to superior fibers and high-performance coatings, and are also HACCP certified which deem it safe for use in commercial kitchens.

In floor restoration and maintenance space, we leverage nano coating technology to provide unique Floor Restoration and Maintenance solutions that gives enhanced value of cost , durability, sustainability and Safety.

How is 3M helping businesses in the aftermath of COVID -

3M is applying its science and technology to help people return to work, and to the people and places they love. This has been happening across many industries like cleaning, signage, safety and so on.

As we emerge from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and facilities start to reopen, it is clear that enhanced cleaning protocols are here to stay. 3M is dedicated to helping facility management teams navigate their cleaning, disinfecting, maintenance and renovation needs, now and into the future.

3M has enhanced products in cleaning , disinfection and surface care to help business redesign cleanliness protocols. We have also launched a unique program of a 'clean and protect badge' where we certify the protocols in cleaning . The badge can be prominently displayed in facilities and provides a visual assurance of adherence to standard protocols in cleaning and disinfection.

How have products evolved after COVID

3M's immediate response to COVID was to bring to market, products that are effective in eliminating hazardous virus, bacteria and spores, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

In Q4 of 2020, 3M Launched General Purpose Cleaners cum Disinfectant Solution P2. This is a Disinfectant Cum Cleaner Developed and Manufactured by us in India, and is effective against Coronavirus (COVID-19). It cleans, disinfects and deodorizes in one step. This product was rigorously evaluated and tested and found superior on parameters of application versatility, cost effectiveness and biodegradability

Later in Q2 2021 , we launched unique Instant Microbe Removal Wipes. 3M Instant Microbe Removing Wipes utilize unique technology for instant removal and entrapment of 99.9% of microbes when moistened, including viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), bacteria and spores-from hard, nonporous surfaces. Microbe removal occurs instantly, as the surface is wiped. It proved to be useful for applications where instant microbe removal was deemed necessity for door handles and other frequently touched surfaces.

We also reinforced our floor care products with advanced systems in Floor Coating and Daily Maintenance.

To better serve our customer needs we also introduced a "Clean and Protect Badge program" . This is a cleaning audit and certification program to deploy effective cleaning and disinfection protocol at customer premises.

What are the future plans of your company for the Cleaning Industry.

3M in India has been working for a very long time to promote best practices in cleaning . Post COVID there is a heightened sensitivity to cleanliness and hygiene. We will continue to bring in advanced products in disinfection and Floor care.

3M Advanced Floor Care System

This is a three-part floor cleaning solution that simplifies floor maintenance processes without all the burnishing, scrubbing and recoating, or harsh chemicals.

3M Products for Advanced Floor care gives better performance on resilient and hard floor types. These products will bring down the cost and are sustainable and safe. It gives first-class shine with the tasks you do every day.

The floor cleaning products are specifically designed to support processes and help efficiently get the desired results:

  • Beautiful appearance. High gloss and improved distinctness of image (DOI) with less labour and fewer chemicals.
  • Less disruption. Reduced need for the recurring maintenance tasks (burnishing and stripping) that are most disruptive to your facility and your guests.
  • Long-term savings. Get lower total cost of ownership with our advanced floor care system that requires fewer processes, products and reduced labour.
  • Protect your investment. Hand sanitisers can tarnish and damage your floor finish. Protect your floors with Scotchgard Protect & Shine Floor Protector that can build full hand sanitiser resistance after 7 days.
New Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Products:

In the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic and into the future, our new range of high-performing restaurant and commercial kitchen cleaning solutions will help businesses back with confidence. Next Gen 3M Commercial Kitchen cleaning products offer the elements for solid long-term cleaning strategies: general cleaning solutions and tools for nearly every situation and surface, from the curbside to your pickup window, from the front of house to the back of the kitchen and everywhere in between. The products are certified by HACCP International as food-safe and a suitable aid to cleaning in food handling facilities that operate in accordance with an HACCP based food safety program

HEX Pads: The Scotch-Brite Scour Pad HEX series features raised power dot side that aggressively scours away tough messes with less elbow grease. Their unique HEX shapes are ergonomically superior and multiple edges aid effective cleaning.

They come in variants of Medium Duty (for cooking utensils cleaning) and Light Duty ( Delicate crockery/surface cleaning)

Griddle Cleaning: The Scotch-Brite Quick Clean Griddle Liquid is a ready-to-use flat top griddle cleaning liquid intended for use with the Scotch-Brite Quick Clean Griddle Cleaning System Effectively removes baked-on food and cooking oil from griddles.

  • No rinse necessary.
  • All chemical components are G. R. A. S. listed ("Generally Recognized as Safe" as compiled by FDA).
  • Designed for use on medium-hot griddles (300 - 350F.) Saves cool-down time.
  • Does not contain caustic soda or caustic potash

Degreaser Wipes: The Scotch-Brite Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser Wipes with Scotchgard Protector are ready-to-use, pre-moistened disposable wipes with a cleaner, degreaser and Scotchgard Protector. The wipes are designed to be simple and convenient to clean, degrease, and protect stainless steel surfaces and eliminate the risk of overspray. It is ideal for cleaning non-food contact stainless steel surfaces in kitchen areas.

New Traction Safety Products from 3M: Printable Safety-Walk

3M is pioneer in traction products (Anti Skid Tapes) that are self adhesive type and that come in various textures, colors and widths.

A new addition to our range of Anti Skid Tapes is a Printable Safety Walk: that does double duty. 3M Safety-Walk Slip-Resistant General Purpose and Conformable White Tapes and Treads are certified as high traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). And the white, printable surface can be 100% inked with your high resolution, high-impact graphics, providing endless possibilities for your branding and safety messages.

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