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Mallcom’s PPE for Workplaces

Greetings from Mallcom (India) Limited!

We are glad to introduce ourselves. We Mallcom (India) Ltd. is a Government of India recognized Star Trading House. We have been engaged in the manufacturing, export and distribution of a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) since 1983.

Our assortment of safety gear, offers our clients, a one stop solution for all their safety concerns. As an integrated manufacturer of PPE, we offer an entire line of affordable PPE’s with no compromise in quality. This has been one major reason why we are being counted upon for quality in safety equipment.

With our experience, we feel confident that we will always exceed our customers’ expectations in meeting their needs. It’s needless to say that we also take great pride in our ability to customize our products according to required specifications.

Our goal is to provide workforce all over the world with products, designed with the finest materials and crafted with premium workmanship, available at the most competitive prices. The trust and satisfaction of our clients are our greatest profits and we never compromise on anything that would curb them. When it comes to the business of serving clients to the best of abilities, we are always a truly a no-compromise company. Mallcom is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and an SA 8000:2008 compliant company.

Our vision is to design, produce and provide products and services with an emphasis on performance and to extend our presence in the international market place. Mallcom has been synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability for more than 37 years, in the business of PPE manufacturing. Internationally recognised as a leading Personal Protective Equipment manufacturer,

We are totally dedicated towards manufacturing a wide range of equipment, designed to give people the protection they need in their lives and workplace.

We have total control of the safety manufacturing process, starting with sourcing and sorting materials from internationally recognised suppliers, to moulding and assembling them, and finally packaging of the products. High ongoing investments in plant sites and latest machinery equipment have allowed vertical integration of manufacturing - ensuring direct quality control of the complete program.

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