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Make your stairs, entrances and walkways safer with this durable anti-slip tape — indoors or out

Wooster Products’ Flex-Tred anti-slip tape collection was created to enhance safety on steps, walkways, docks, ramps, kitchens, showers, aisles, entrances, and other indoor and outdoor environments. The tape provides a higher coefficient of friction on the applied surface, whether wet or dry, in order to significantly reducing the risk of slips or falls.

Flex-Tred is designed to for quick and easy installation on virtually any clean, dry, smooth surface, even around corners. Textures are available for barefoot and mop-friendly applications. The tape is available in 60-foot rolls from ¾” to 24” wide.

According to Wooster, this heavy-duty safety surface is easy to install and provides durable pedestrian safety on slippery surfaces, increasing compliance with safety codes. It bends over sharp 90°angles without fracture and can be bent repeatedly without cracking or failure of the bond.

Applied Flex-Tred is engineered to be resistant to motor oil, detergent, hydraulic oil, and ultraviolet (UV) rays. It will tolerate steam and detergent cleaning and is essentially unaffected by climactic exposure and mild acid or alkali exposure under normal conditions.

Flex-Tred has a useful temperature range of -40°F to 220°F, and limited exposure to temperatures above 220°F will not harm Flex-Tred, adds the company.

Flex-Tred anti-slip tape is available in various patterns and colors, including fluorescent colors and NiteGlow Glow-in-the-Dark. In areas where a heavy exposure to liquids is anticipated, easily applied Flex-Tred Edge Sealing Compound seals the edge to most surfaces.

Wooster Products has been manufacturing anti-slip stair treads and walkway products for new construction, renovation, marine and OEM applications since 1921 from the company’s Wooster, Ohio, facility. Long respected for quality and innovation, products include cast aluminum (Alumogrit), cast iron (Ferrogrit), extruded aluminum (Spectra, Supergrit, Stairmaster, and Flexmaster), pressure-sensitive adhesive tape/deck covering (Flex-Tred), and coatings (WP-70, Walk-A-Sured, and Safe-Stride), as well as photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) nosings and treads (NiteGlow).

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