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FLIR Systems' Modified Thermal Cameras

As we get back to work, we are still at risk of continued interruption of operations due to the spread of infection and disease. Thermal imaging solutions from FLIR can help screen for elevated body/skin temperature – a possible sign of infection.

From public spaces such as airports and train terminals to federal buildings, private offices, and factories – deploying thermal imaging cameras for screening provides a more safe and secure environment for all.

Easily deployable handheld and fixed mount cameras equipped with FLIR Screen-EST™ allow your business to get safely back to work. Screening for elevated skin temperature can both protect your staff and your customers from potential exposure to infection. From large manufacturing operations to airports and sports arenas, protecting individuals as they pass through these high traffic areas is of the utmost importance. FLIR thermal cameras and Screen-EST™ software allow operators to quickly and safely scan without disruption.

Screening solutions provide you with the first line of defense as you return to duty. Fully integrated and scalable solutions like the A700-EST™ IS provide the confidence needed to maintain force readiness.

FLIR Systems, Inc. is releaseing modified thermal cameras for fast and safe non-contact elevated skin temperature screening. The FLIR EST™ thermal screening solutions provide frontline screening at building entries and in high traffic areas to improve safety and help curb the spread of COVID-19. The FLIR Axxx-EST, FLIR T5xx-EST, and FLIR Exx-EST series cameras are designed to simplify the screening process, reducing the burden on screening operators and adhering to recommended social distancing guidelines.The FLIR Axxx-EST series, T5xx-EST series, and Exx-EST series will be available for purchase worldwide in the Third Quarter 2020 on FLIR.com and through FLIR authorized distributors. To learn more, please visit www.flir.com/ehs.

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