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Digital Transformation Of Facility Management Services

Technology has, without doubt, disrupted every industry and sector radically. Facilities management services in India are no different. The industry is using digital transformation for:

  • Process improvement
  • Validation of performance
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Standardisation of services
  • Sustainability in the asset life cycle

In this blog, we dive into why an FM company should become digital and how it helps.

The Need For Digitisation In Indian Facilities Management Services

Facility Management Companies are different when compared to others because it offers exceptional value to customers with the help of ultra-modern digital solutions. Facility management services can go digital by using a tool to gather information on invoices, client queries, repairs and more.

Another reason FM companies need to digitise is the exponential growth of data. They collect data from multiple sources such as mouse traps, digital meters, mobiles and BMS systems. Because the data gathered is from different systems, it is not collected in one place, creating silos.

Suppose FM firms want to pool the knowledge in their data and offer better customer service. In that case, they need digital technologies that collate data from all sources and convert it into actionable insights.


What Are The Benefits Of Digitising In Facility Management?

Digital transformation can be a business win for FM firms, as long as it is done right. Here are some of the advantages of digitisation.

  • Workflow is automated

    Be it using sensors to determine which light bulbs need repair or using a platform to inform vendors when repairs are required; technology makes FM services more efficient. Technology takes up the task of checking and notifying the unavailability of a spare part or a requirement to be met urgently to the corresponding resource or team. Thus the workflow is automated, and the tasks are completed on time. Not only does it increase speed, but it also offers more transparency to everyone involved.

    Another benefit of workflow automation is capturing data that was previously unattainable. By using these new data, companies can save on new aspects. For instance, renting out spaces that are not utilised.

  • Reports are in real-time

    Real-time reporting on budgeting or work-order status is possible only with digital FM services. Facility managers can use these reports to gain an eagle view of their facilities with a single tap. With these insights, especially on historical data, one can understand how well a facility functions. For instance, it becomes possible to see how much energy a facility utilises or track assets to prevent maintenance needs.

  • Data is made secure

    Currently, any company who fails to comply with the ever-tightening data security regulation is at peril. By using digital technologies, facility management services can ensure bulletproof protection of your data.

    With the help of the right technologies and security infrastructure, data leaks can be prevented. It also helps detect the red flags for security threats as the software blocks any suspicious user and alerts you on unauthorised access. You will also be provided with a log of people who accessed the system.

  • Efficiency gets a boost

    When a supervisor can see and manage a facility or facilities from one centralised location, it boosts efficiency. This is possible because the supervisor can handle multiple facilities at once instead of running from one location to another. Moreover, they can make instantaneous decisions. This cuts any downtime the facility may face.

  • Maintenance is optimised

    One of the biggest challenges in facility management is maintenance. The holy grail is to keep it preventive, i.e., take action before a problem occurs. By digitising facility management, supervisors can become proactive and ensure all maintenance is optimised.

  • Data-led decision making

    By digitising facility management, people get access to better and more data. This data can then be leveraged to make informed decisions that address critical issues such as cost-cutting and enhanced performance.

For example, if a slab has got bent/ or damaged, then key sensors in different areas will pool the data together, and give real time outputs to control centre as to the situation at hand. immediate action to repair it can be taken.

Further, data-led decisions erase downtime and quicken checks.What Technologies Will Digitise FM Services?

If you are a facilities manager and thinking of bringing a digital transformation to your business, here are the technologies to adopt.

  • Internet of Things

    IoT is the golden goose for facility management. With it, you can achieve everything from using sensors to switch on and off lights to controlling the temperature automatically. It also allows biometric authentication, making employee experience better and adding another layer of security. Moreover, all these benefits come with a single device, which a supervisor can use anywhere and anytime. With a swipe or tap, you are in complete control.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    AI is another field that can help facility management, particularly to manage physical assets. One example is using qualitative data collected and analysed through AI to predict the performance of physical devices. It can help avert a failure by giving facility managers the tool to take preventive steps even before a problem occurs. The good news is that AI companies are working hard and fast to create solutions that are intuitive to use.

  • Big Data

    Big Data is now used in every field. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it can boost performance even in facility management. With big data machinery, companies can analyse volumes of data and attain salient points on their service. Another benefit is mining the data to pinpoint potential threats. These threats can then be tackled before they occur.


To Sum Up

While there are innumerable benefits of digitising facility management, there are risks too. That is why it is advised to partner with a well-known and experienced Integrated Facilities Management Company.




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