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Case Study: BVG India Transforms PCMC Moshi Kachara Project in Pune

The PCMC Moshi Kachara Depot located in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune has a 45 acre land-fill and waste dumping site. Due to inadequate treatment and ineffective land usage, there was a lack of space and insanitary smells and conditions around the site.

Our Analysis & Process
In 2001, we utilized a scientific approach of storing the garbage to be processed later. We set up an onsite capping project with a 70 metres high layered hill. Each layer was reinforced with 5 mm of plastic to prevent leachate seepage. This was covered with sand, organic waste, crushed stones, plastic, mud and soil. Pipes were maneuvered through the layers to pull out gas and drain out excess leachate.

All garbage was processed. 60% to 70% of this was organic waste while the remaining 30% to 40% consisted of plastic, metal and glass.

The organic material was sent off-site to convert into manure. All metal and glass too was sent for recycling. For the plastics, we created a plant to convert it into burnable fuel. All left over components were then utilized for landfill.

This dumping site has been made useful for the next 70 years, without any need for expansion or development. Out of the 800 tons of garbage being brought into the Moshi Kachara Depot, only around 100 tons is put into landfill. All rest is processed and re-used where possible.

We also created a set-up to produce RDF from burnable fuel and recycled garbage.

Today, the PCMC Moshi Kachara Depot is the only garbage dumping ground in the country that prepares fuel from plastic, undertakes scientific capping and has received awards from the Government – a matter of immense national pride.

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