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Aramark’s new reopening platform can help you prioritize safety in 5 critical areas

To assist operators with their safe reopening and continued operation, Aramark, a global provider of food, facilities management (FM), and uniforms, and Jefferson Health, an expert in public health, have just announced the launch of EverSafe OS, a workplace safety digital product that offers a suite of simple, streamlined tools and resources for businesses and organizations, to empower employees and customers with confidence in their safety.

This proprietary web-based service and mobile app, available in both the Android and Apple stores, is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, such as restaurants and retailers, where reopening safely is a critical concern and additional guidance to do so is needed.

Marc Bruno, Aramark chief operating officer, US Food and Facilities, stated:

Given the challenges that businesses and organizations around the globe face in light of COVID-19, EverSafe OS can help support their efforts to approach this new normal with proven insights, information and tools for a safe and successful reopening. By packaging Aramark’s world-class safety standards and operational excellence best practices with Jefferson Health’s expertise in infection prevention and improving health, EverSafe OS will enable users to develop a plan, assess and mitigate risks, make sound decisions, and sustain change.

Jonathan L. Gleason, MD, executive vice president and chief quality officer for Jefferson Health, pointed out:

Safety has become the gateway to commerce. EverSafe OS was created to bring our combined expertise to bear for the many businesses that are seeking a safe pathway forward. We will help them navigate the journey toward their new normal.

EverSafe OS provides businesses and organizations with:

  • Trusted information: Supplies data and recommendations from industry leaders that is responsive to evolving conditions and current guidelines
  • Timely and clear decision-making: Eliminates the need to navigate through frequently changing, often complex information and supports sound, productive decisions
  • Effective and sustainable execution: Provides critical operational and communication tools in a clear, user-friendly format to simplify safe reopening and drive the right behaviors

EverSafe OS utilizes Aramark’s recently introduced EverSafe platform that supports the safe reopening and sustainable management of client locations around the world. Developed in partnership with Jefferson Health, and in accordance with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), EverSafe is said to embody Aramark’s long-standing commitment to safety and deep operational expertise across the company.

The EverSafe program prioritizes safety through five critical areas within your buildings:

  • Communication and signage
  • Touchless systems
  • Digital innovation
  • Operational systems and programs
  • Physical barriers and processes

More specifically, EverSafe features these pillars:

  • Embedding good health and hygiene practices to support the safety and wellbeing of employees, customers, and guests. This includes carefully designed process standards, personal protective equipment (PPE), health monitoring, and promoting culture and environment to sustain healthy practices.
  • Creating appropriate spatial separation practices into operations through visual cues, physical alterations, and other service enhancements while maintaining efficient traffic flow.
  • Implementing new and enhanced cleaning, sanitation, and disinfecting procedures. This includes new processes, equipment, and cleaning agents, as well as careful assessment of high-risk areas that require special attention.
  • Employing available and emerging technology (such as AI, human-machine interface, infrared, robotics contact tracing, and mobile solutions) to further improve the safety and experience of employees and customers.
  • Expanding and introducing new service offerings and capabilities with relevant solutions to best meet evolving consumer dining, facilities and other needs.

The EverSafe OS app is a subscription service available to individual businesses and organizations. For more information, visit the EverSafe OS website.

Aramark is reconfiguring its traditional service model with innovative solutions, new service methods, and safety protocols. Comprehensive reopening plans build on Aramark’s existing industry-leading food safety and sanitation standards, and are customizable, based on account needs, local government requirements, and client consultation. As conditions, consumer behaviors and regulations change over time, Aramark says its plans will evolve and adapt accordingly — with the consistent goal of delivering world-class services in the safest, most hygienic environments.

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