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Potter Electric Signal's Fire Alarm Systems with IntelliView TM Dashboard

Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC of St. Louis, Missouri USA, has integrated the Potter fire alarm systems with the IntelliView TM Dashboard. The web-based dashboard allows the user to monitor their Potter fire alarm control panels in addition to the IntelliGen TM nitrogen generators from anywhere in the world. A mobile app is also available in the iOS and Google Play stores and provides increased functionality.

IntelliGen Nitrogen Generators
Monitor a number of conditions to ensure all nitrogen systems are operating normal. System run times, advanced leak rate, and automatic bypass capabilities are all supervised and can be viewed remotely on the IntelliView dashboard. If the system is utilizing networked IntelliPurge valves, the nitrogen purity level of each sprinkler system can also be viewed.

Fire Alarm Systems
Potter fire panels report all system statuses instantaneously. Any point can be accessed to deliver status and programmed settings. This enables users to quickly respond to system emergencies or maintenance needs.

One-Person Walk Test Reduce labor and time with unique fire system walk test features. Panels will deliver push notifications of every point status change and all activity will be saved to history. The fire panel's walk test mode will allow users to control the panel through the app – Acknowledge, Silence, Reset, Enable, Disable, Drill.

Comparably, traditional walk tests require more time and labor to conduct. With one tester, they must walk from the panel to each device and back, requiring far more time to test. Alternatively, using two testers who radio between the panel and device may save time but requires additional labor costs and coordination. Get the best of both worlds with IntelliView and save time and money!

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