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Facility Management Post - Covid

The pandemic has changed the world as we know it. The year gone by has had a substantial impact on businesses all over the world. From banking to hospitals, media to IT, industries have had to adapt to the new normal. As these industries evolve, so does their facility management.

Facility Management Is ever-evolving

As a facility head, you strive to optimize the property's assets, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the employee experience. So, in an ever-changing post-pandemic world, how do you ensure that your business achieves its goals? The answer? Embrace newer measures and operation standards that meet the business requirements and ensure its continuity.

How do you achieve your business goals with FM in the post pandemic era?

Once you've created a list of requirements that you'd want the FMS provider to fulfill, you can focus on choosing the right one for your business. Here,s what you need to consider when selecting the right facility management partner:

Safety Is the Priority

With safety and hygiene taking centre stage in the post-pandemic world, you need to ensure the immunity of the organization's employees and the property's residents. Facility heads must promote and practice a culture guided by safe work practices.

To comply with the government's protocol for health and safety, as a facility head, in collaboration with the FM provider, you must ensure social distancing at the premises, perform regular checks of employees' temperature via infrared thermometers, conduct wellness initiative drives and create new levels of space personalization at the workplace.

Creating a secure environment at the premises would enhance the employee experience, boost productivity, attract talent of the highest quality and reduce the rate of people falling sick. Naturally, the operational efficiency will increase, and even in a pandemic-affected world, your business will be well-positioned to achieve its objectives.

Soft Services Are More Important Than You Might Think!

Whether it be housekeeping, waste management or deep cleaning, soft services that offer faultless hygiene are crucial to ensuring a business' continuity. With increased focus on employees' health and a safe work environment, organizations are now putting up blue-collared workers in their premises, focusing on the air quality (by monitoring filters for air handling units) and creating SOPs in partnership with FM service providers that specify the cleaning process to the core. A typical SOP of this sort would include the cleaning frequency, the surfaces that need to be cleaned the most, and the type of disinfectant used. Additionally, creating a detailed report on the task force (including regular checks for symptoms) is crucial to the business's success.

Digitalization Is the Way to Go

If there's one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is the power of digitalization. By leveraging smart technology in collaboration with an FM service provider, organizations can make intelligent decisions, increase operational efficiency and simplify the overall process. When managing a large workforce and maintaining assets manually is tricky, an 80% reduction in manual labor and six times faster turnaround time of the assets only emphasizes the need to shift to digital resources.

Companies are now using the Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor the assets remotely to adapt to the times. With the workforce becoming leaner by the day, the idea is to create a unified ecosystem in which all the assets are integrated into a single network making it easier to scale their support and troubleshooting. This means that you and your organization can focus on data collection and analysis rather than finding faults amongst thousands of potential anomalies. Digitalization not only increases revenue and tenant retention but also decreases costs.

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