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Minimize crowds and enhance security at your elevators with this touchless solution

braXos, a developer of building security and connectivity solutions, has just launched LiftOff, a touchless solution for elevators designed to enable safe, secure and convenient vertical transportation in residential and commercial buildings. LiftOff works with destination dispatch elevator systems from nearly all major manufacturers and does not require users to scan a device or card at the elevator kiosk, minimizing the crowds that can congregate in front of elevators during peak periods.

LiftOff recognizes the user’s location as they enter the building and automatically retrieves the next available elevator cab based on the floor selected in the app. The LiftOff user can then go directly to the waiting elevator and be transported to their residence or office quickly and without contacting any building surface. By scheduling an automatic elevator call in advance, users can seamlessly arrive at their destination floor without having to take out their phone.

Building or facilities managers (FMs) control the floors that individuals or groups can access through LiftOff administrative functions.

Tom Skoulis, chief executive officer at braXos, stated:

By delivering safe, secure and convenient elevator management, LiftOff represents the future of vertical transportation but is especially relevant today. As property managers prepare their facilities for return to work following work from home orders, LiftOff eliminates a common touchpoint within their buildings — the elevator kiosk — while effectively managing traffic in the lobby to enable social distancing and limiting users to floors they are authorized to access.

The LiftOff mobile app is available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app confirms the physical location of the user, as well as authorized floors available to travel. LiftOff is the first application of braXos Smart Architecture, which is creating new possibilities for building access and security.

braXos is a privately held global developer of building security and connectivity solutions intended to shape the future of vertical transportation. The company’s Steward middleware security platform and family of Connectors are being used today by leaders in the hospitality and commercial real estate industries to close security gaps in vertical transportation.

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