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Cut down on open-plan noise in style, with these vertical acoustic products

Unika Vaev, a provider of fresh solutions for contract textile and acoustical needs, has just announced the addition of new acoustic products from Abstracta — Air-X and Scala XL. Unika Vaev extended its Air Collection with Air-X. Stefan Borselius designed the first Air product, Airflake, in 2006. The Air Series has been a very successful collection for the last 15 years; it is designed to make a space pleasing for both your ears and eyes.

Borselius took inspiration from geometry and nature for his Air designs — such as the shape of flowers, snowflakes, leaves and abstract figures. The Air-X design enters a world of symbols, typography and letters that allow the creation of an infinite number of configurations.

The Air-X modules are constructed of molded felt covered in fabric, providing excellent noise absorption and echo cancellation, according to Unika Vaev.

Scala XL
Unika Vaev also introduced a larger version of Scala — Scala XL. The designer Anya Sebton introduced the original Scala in 2017 after visiting Iceland. Sebton was inspired by the corrugated metal siding and roof on the Icelandic houses.

Scala XL was developed to improve the soundscape in large and noisy spaces. Scala XL’s interplay of shape and material has a powerful sound-absorbing effect. The increased size amplifies its acoustic capacity and gives it a bold, sculptural appearance.

The new Scala design is inspired by arched roofs and columns. Scala XL is available in a concave or a convex version.

For more information about Air-X or Scala XL acoustic products, visit the Unika Vaev website.

Unika Vaev was founded in 1975 and currently provides a wide range of solutions for contract textile applications. Unika Vaev’s extensive Acoustic Product Collection provides multiple functional and aesthetically pleasing sound absorption and diffusion solutions for ceiling, wall, floor, stationary and movable screens.

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